Lindt & Sprüngli

Crafting consistency across multiple sub-brands.

Lucid created a unique set of guidelines for all five UK brands, Lindor, Excellence, Gold Bunny, Master Chocolatier Collection, Festive and Swiss Luxury, providing easily applicable rules and consistency across all applications.


Lindt Gold Bunny:

Key visuals, agile artwork and guidelines.

The Lindt Gold Bunny is an icon of spring
It has been in production for over 60 years
More than 135 million Gold Bunnies are sold every year.

We recreated a fairytale environment for the Gold Bunny a wonderful place of fresh grass, golden sunshine, daffodils and butterflies.
We created systems that ensured that the Lindt Gold Bunny’s new home was easy to create and remained beautiful and consistent.

‘These are the best set of guidelines we have ever seen’.
Ciaren Owens,
Senior Brand Manager, Easter


Guidelines: Careful, effective development

Consultancy, key visuals, brand consolidation and range guidelines

Having completed the Gold Bunny guidlines we were asked to take the same principals across the board to the 5 other UK brands.

We reviewed the application of branding, imagery, type and layout and created guidelines to ensure consistency across the 5 range. We also created a new background for all collateral that closely reflects the packaging.

The net effect supports a noticeably more premium positioning of Lindt Lindor’s brand, it is considerably brighter and more attractive.

To date we have worked with Lindt on the development of all of their UK brands and their applications, and created a range of usable solutions to extraordinarily complex problems.